Start Fresh with Intentions


January is traditionally a time for reflection of the past year and having a fresh start in the next one. We all declare our resolutions and may or may not follow through depending on our mindset.
Resolution means "a firm decision to do or not do something."  Intention means "a thing intended; an aim or plan."

Words are important and I suggest that you substitute using the word "intention" in place of "resolution." The reason? It will set you up for success in whatever you try because there's flexibility in an intention. You can adjust your aim and your plan.

Let's say that I approach developing a new habit like meditation with the resolution (firm decision) that I will meditate 30 minutes every day. I am either meditating that day or I am not. When I miss a day or skimp on the time, I have failed.

However, if I set an intention (an aim or plan) to start meditating, I feel that I can have some flexibility. I can set an intention of sitting for at least three times a week for ten minutes, then increase it to four times a week for fifteen minutes, and so on. I have a built-in cushion for my "human-ness" and for Life's unexpected curveballs. I may get sick, have a friend visit or simply forget. I can get back to it and forgive myself.

By changing my mindset from resolutions to intentions, I give myself the flexibility and time to accommodate this new way of being into my life and lifestyle. It's not an overnight process but a slow one that takes time, patience and practice.

Wishing you blessings, happiness and much success in the new year!

Namaste – Mia