I Googled Love...

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I googled love and the result was 12.87 billion articles, blogs, videos, research, and other bits of information. Billions of strategies, DIYs, and odes to finding your soulmate.

With so many people pondering love and everyone knowing about it, love should be easy… right?


Love is not easy. Love can be difficult in the best of times, but in the worst?

It can be… Very. Very. Hard.

We are creatures who are born with love. It isn’t learned; it is already within us.

When my son started walking at nine months, (yes, it was scary…), we were waiting for my family in a public area. There was another young boy sitting on the floor across from us who was developmentally challenged.

My son made his way over to the other boy and pulled himself up to standing. He patted him on the arm and then kissed him on the cheek. 

This simple act showed me that human beings are gentle and kind – we are born to care about others and already have boundless love within us.

When does love start to elude us? When do we start picking and choosing who we love? When does love become small?

 We can talk all day about defense mechanisms and the human psyche but, from a yogic perspective, I think that it comes down to this…

We think mind-less-ly. We speak mind-less-ly. We act mind-less-ly.

Love takes work. If I think, speak or act from a place of re-action, without awareness, then I am not coming from a place of authenticity. And I may not be coming from a kind, gentle perspective.

If I am mind-full, I can speak, think and act from a more… dare I say it?… WISE perspective. Awareness and mind-full-ness together breeds wisdom.

Mind-full-ness is the means by which I know when and how to show love, how to BE love. Mind-full-ness provides the compass for me to come back into alignment with love.

Mind-full-ness is our search engine. We can access an infinite amount of inner knowledge on love… or kindness… or compassion… simply by being aware. 

It is easy to go through our days the way we always have and get the results that we always have. It takes work to change – awareness is the first step in that change.

As for me? I’m still working on it, so I’m going to meditate for a while and download/upload some love!
<3 -Mia

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The first step to change is the awareness that things need to change…

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