Are You Ready for Yoga Training?

The most frequently asked question I get about Transform NOLA's 200-hour yoga teacher training is this: “How do I know that I’m ready?”  If you’re wondering the same, consider these three things:

Have you experienced the benefits of yoga? I started practicing yoga with a vague idea that it would be a good fitness regime and might even help with my emotional and mental disposition. After getting started, I began feeling a lot better all-around and knew that it had to be the yoga. I couldn't say exactly what was going on. I just knew that it worked. If you've been practicing for at least one year and feel better because of it, then consider learning more about how yoga works.

Are you ready for change – BIG change? Yoga training is a life changing experience. In the many trainings that I have led or participated in, I have witnessed students transform in every single one. Their outlook upon life and the world becomes more positive, they suffer less and love more and they become willing participants in their own lives. 

Do you want to give and receive? Many of us want to become yoga teachers to share the benefits that we have experienced through the practice. I used to believe that giving was a one-way street – but in giving I also receive. Sometimes I receive much more in return than I realize. Taking the yoga training does not require you to become a yoga teacher, but you do learn to lead by example, which any good teacher does.  This helps you reap benefits in your relationships, your work, and your life overall. Who among us couldn’t use a little help in improving these areas?

Bottom Line – You don’t have to be able to put your foot behind your head to take a yoga training. A desire to learn, an open mind and heart, and commitment are all you need. Just be ready to show up, apply yourself and do your best. You can also opt to take our in-depth online training which is geared more toward laypeople who want to deepen their own practice.

If you have questions and would like to find out more about our teacher trainings, schedule a call with me! You can also check out our Training & Certifications Page for more details and an application. I'd LOVE to have you join me!  Namaste, Mia.