Candy, instructor – Pilates and TRX

My credentials are results. I take video. I take pictures. I teach. I show a real difference in a single session. My background is as a comprehensively trained and certified instructor of Pilates (PMA-CPT) with a lifetime of studying movement, ballet, dance, anatomy, cadaver lab and protocols. I continually hone my Pilates teaching skills – Rebecca Leone is my mentor and teacher. I am actively engaged in teaching her work and incorporating spine safety. I teach how to build a better you.

I currently teach TRX Rx and Core 101. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or have any questions at all.

Heidi, instructor – vinyasa and kids yoga

I am a native New Orleanian. After earning an Elementary Education degree from Loyola University, I taught at the Loyola Children’s Center preschool and then first grade. I am thrilled to be able to combine my two vocations – yoga and kids. I completed Transform NOLA's 200-hour yoga teacher training program and then earned a certification as a Kidding Around Yoga teacher. I have two teenaged boys, a husband and a dog.

I currently teach Gentle Yoga, Yoga 101 and lead kids workshops. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or in scheduling a kids yoga event.

Sunni, instructor – vinyasa and restorative yoga

I am a body specialist, touch therapist, energy master teacher, and spiritual healer. I completed both Rolf Gates' and Transform NOLA's 200-hour yoga teacher training programs. I use a wide range of modalities to address my students' and clients' issues.

I currently teach Yoga + Energy Healing and lead Love & Abundance parties for your birthday or bachelorette celebrations. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or have questions about what I offer.

Dina, instructor – vinyasa

When my first husband was diagnosed with cancer, we applied what I had learned about nutrition, yoga, and acupuncture toward his well-being. We used yoga, nutrition, visualization, Energy Medicine and affirmations. I am grateful that he outlived his doctor's prediction for life expectancy by two years!! Since my husband's passing, I have dedicated my life to sharing what I've learned with others.

I am a Reiki practitioner; metaphysical minister; and a RYT 200 yoga instructor after completing Transform NOLA’s training. I have a bachelor's in metaphysical science. As an energy healer, I specialize in grief, reconnection, inner child work and forgiveness. Oh, and I am also an artist!

I currently teach the Energy Flow class. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or have questons about what I offer.

Tanya, instructor – vinyasa

People call me many things, but I mostly answer to Tanya (along with Mom, Coach, and Teacher).  I remind people to breathe and to stand up straight.  Also, I suggest things to challenge them mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually.  All of that while encouraging them to accept themselves (and things) as they are.  I do make people sweat, but they love it and keep coming back for more.  My yoga classes sprinkle in sanskrit, include all genres of music, and sometimes include essential oils.  It's not really work because I love it.  So many twists in my path (from the restaurant/hospitality industry to corporate cubicles to scientific research labs to homeschooling and youth coaching to community activism/volunteering) have shaped me into a flexible and fierce advocate for self-empowerment and warrior for wellness. I did my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Transform NOLA, and I am now looking forward to being back there in a teaching role. I'm so glad I learned all "the rules," so I could know which ones to break and which ones will bend... gracefully. When I realized that ALL OF LIFE is yoga and that YOGA IS LIFE-GIVING, my life path opened before me. 
I currently teach Rock & Flow. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or have questions about what I offer.

Rebecca, instructor – vinyasa

I am a yoga nerd – I LOVE yoga and I LOVE New Orleans! I practiced yoga on and off again for thirty years and it wasn't until 2013 that it became an integral part of my life. After a job change and a mind shift, I realized I needed more balance in my life and yoga spoke to me. Transform NOLA's 200-hour yoga teacher training found me and made me realize how much I wanted to share yoga with my city.

I bring high energy to my classes with a variety of music and some witty repartee to keep the atmosphere light but the yoga intense.  As a Certified Reiki Master, I also bring energy work and chakra study into all my practices. I look forward to working with you… remember, the world is always looking for more yoga nerds!

I currently teach the Rise & Shine Yoga and Chakra Yoga classes. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions or have questons about what I offer

Kipper, official greeter, class supervisor and yogi

I want you to feel at home at my studio, so I will always greet you with a sniff and a tail wag (or two). I only ask that you give me a belly rub in return.

I have years of experience in providing unconditional love for everyone I meet. My forté, however, is living in the moment. If you want to learn how to master this skill, just watch me in action – I will not lead you astray! Namasté.