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"I participated in the YTT 200 weekday with Mia. This program was comprehensive, thoughtful, thought provoking and fun. Mia presents the material in multiple formats throughout the eight months which allows the student to process and learn in their own way. The reading materials are beautiful, there is much focus on the inner work necessary to be a teacher, and the discussions are often lively. The program is well rounded and graduates are prepared to lead a full 1.5 hour asana practice as well as provide meditation guidance. I am deeply grateful to Mia for offering this weekday course and for always being on time, prepared, engaged, present and accessible for her students throughout this course. Thank you Mia!" – 2018 graduate

 “ A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.” ~ Henry Adams 

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Transform NOLA's Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings* are designed for personal growth.  Whether you want to want to become a yoga teacher or deepen your practice, you will experience personal growth and hone in on your true purpose. This training is not intended to add stress to your already busy life – it is designed for you to intake a bit at a time, experience it, and then implement it. (Are you ready for yoga teacher training?)

Our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training* is co-lead by Rolf Gates and Mia Oramous. It is designed for continued personal growth and professional development.  After taking the 200-hour yoga teacher training, you may have starting teaching right away or not. Either way, you're now ready to increase your experience and knowledge with like-minded individuals. This sangha will come together around the full intention of bringing the community to a higher level. 

From Rolf Gates: "A quote from the composer, Claude Debussey, is 'Music is the space between the notes.' Vinyasa Yoga expresses that part of us that celebrates the space between the notes. A typical class will move from simple to complex poses, from standing poses and balancing poses, to back-bends, inversions, and hip openers. The teacher and students take this simple formula and make it their own day by day. No two classes are ever alike yet the intention behind the class is always the same. The genius of Vinyasa Yoga is not found in its approach to alignment or sequencing, but rather in the rhythm with which alignment and sequencing unfold. Anchored in the unseen aspects of an asana class, Vinyasa Yoga is uniquely accommodating to the evolution of a teacher; allowing her to bring all that she has learned and all that she is into her classroom. The result is a class that is at once consistent and inspired."
Mia Oramous (E-RYT 500) leads the trainings and has extensive experience in Rolf Gates' teachings and teaching methods. She received her 200-hour training from him in 2008; hosted and attended a 200-hour training in 2010; and completed a 500-hour training with him in 2011. She has led over a dozen trainings. Here's more info about MiaPlease contact her at 985-640-2648 or by email with any questions you may have regarding your readiness for this course.

* Please note that Transform NOLA is a Yoga Alliance certified school. If you complete the requirements for trainings with us, you can apply to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) or (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance.

All trainings are held at Transform NOLA at 8509 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA. Free on-street parking is available.

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