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Mia has been my personal trainer for more than three years. She focuses on my specific needs and has helped me gain strength and agility and fight osteoporosis. – Sue G

Mia keeps the workout routines fresh and not boring. I work harder with a trainer than I would ever by myself. Since working with Mia, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down and all my blood work is in the normal range. Mia is able to adapt my workouts to my personal needs. If my knees are acting up, we can modify the workout and still have a good training session. When I started working with Mia, I had a recurring shoulder problem. By focusing on strengthening my shoulder muscles and core, the problem has not reoccurred. My golf game has improved and is more consistent with the core strengthening, balance and flexibility work Mia has provided. I always feel better after a good workout with Mia. – Nancy C.
Private Sessions with Mia
If your schedule cannot regularly include group classes; if you are uncomfortable in a group setting; if you have specific goals or injuries to accommodate; or if you just want assurance that your form is correct, then a private session is just what you need. I specialize in working with people who have injuries and those who are deconditioned, Private sessions at Transform NOLA consist of yoga, Pilates, strength and resistance training, or a combination of any of the three. My goal is to design a program that fits your temperament, your body and your goals.

Private sessions enable you to have a custom-made program that accommodates your goals and personal situation. With consistent practice and training, you will reach your goals and feel stronger, more balanced (physically and mentally), and more flexible. I was a yoga teacher first and then became a personal trainer. As a result, my perspective on "working out" is one of moderation and paying attention to the body's signals. This approach will make you sore but not debilitated and will mentally make it easier for you to attend your sessions -- I want it to be something that you look forward to, not dread.

As an E-RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance) vinyasa teacher and ACE-certified (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer, I strive to make your sessions fun, interesting and challenging. Strength and resistance training includes the TRX Suspension Training system and other functional training equipment including your own body weight. Functional exercises address the body as a whole, not as individual parts. Pilates and yoga will lengthen and strengthen the muscles, as well as establish the mind/body connections. In all disciplines, the core is emphasized so that you'll be functionally stronger and less prone to injury. If you are interested in just yoga or Pilates or TRX sessions, we can work in one discipline or any combination of the three. I accommodate your unique issues and create a plan to address the areas that you want to strengthen, re-balance or tone. Whether you're an experienced exerciser or have never exercised before, I can create a successful program for you.

Private sessions are a partnership. I will show up and do the work – you need to commit to do the same. That includes the necessary work when we’re not together – taking care of yourself mentally and nutritionally. I will be your cheerleader and you will be accountable to me. I will keep in touch with you and keep you motivated.  But the best motivator is experiencing and seeing the results for yourself. If you train consistently, eat right, sleep right and have a good mental attitude, you will achieve your goals.

The best results come from incorporating small lifestyle changes that, over time, make a big difference. I don’t want you to be fit for just next month or six months from now, but years from now. And all because we were able to come up with an approach to fitness that you could live with
There is no charge for your initial consultation. If we decide that we can work together, I will create a training schedule and recommendations to address your goals and needs. An introductory package of three sessions is available for just $70 per session ($210). Request your FREE initial consultation today!

Reformer Private with Candy
Let the Pilates Universal Reformer take you on a guided tour of muscles you never knew existed!
It sometimes takes strengthening of the muscles that PREVENT you from moving ( stabilizers ) to stop excessive wear and tear on the spine and joints!
The Reformer is used to create and promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. I will help you work on alignment, core stability and strength. Together we will work to resolve your pain and other issues. These privates are held just down the street from Transform NOLA at Crane Rehab, 101 River Road, Suite 112. A Core 101 session is required prior to taking the private to go over modalities and your individual needs. One Reformer private is just $85 and any additional sessions taken within 90 days are 20% off. Get the Core 101 session, one Reformer private and 10 TRX/SLL classes for $270!  Request an appointment today!

Developmental Problem-Solving Private with Candy
This is not a workout – it is a private session designed to help you find answers to chronic back, shoulder, hip and knee pain. Pain is information, not gain. Chronic pain issues have causes that can stem from posture or compensation. Realign your body and learn how to make the necessary adjustments to save your back and joints from wearing out too soon!

My goal for you is to make a difference in just one session, seeing the proof of your work in a before and after photo as well as video. You will receive homework – one or two things to do for just two minutes, once in the morning and once at night. You will also need to apply the protocols you have learned to your everyday activities, changing the way that you stand, walk and move. You may want to come in again for a "maintenance" session later on, but that is up to you. One problem-solving session is just $85 and any additional sessions taken within 90 days are 20% off; an introductory package of three sessions is available for just $70 per session ($210). Request an appointment today!
Get stronger, calmer and more flexible at Transform NOLA, a yoga and functional movement studio located at 8509 Oak Street in uptown New Orleans. Private or group sessions are offered at the studio or in the privacy or your home or place of business. Also available for movement, stress management and motivational activities at company retreats and conventions. Request a free initial consultation for private sessions or life coaching by clicking here. To learn how you can benefit from Transform NOLA's services, please call 985-640-2648, email or fill out the online inquiry form.

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