Life Coaching

"The world is a reflection of our heart." ~ Rolf Gates

This quote forms the core of my life coaching philosophy. I have experienced the world as a loveless, friendless, and lacking place; I have also experienced tremendous love, boundless friendships and abundance. What made the difference? Changing my perception of my situation and relationships, and acting in a way that is true to my innate beliefs and aligned with my intentions. As a result, my life coaching has a yogic approach, integrating Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the law of attraction/power of intention. Here's an interview with the New Orleans Advocate about my approach to life coaching.

Life coaching is not meeting with a psychotherapist or psychologist and going over your past to obtain the key to your present behavior -- life coaching is taking your life as it is now and seeking to make the changes you desire by discovering and validating your beliefs. It also involves facing your fears and moving beyond them to achieve the life that you want, and deserve, to live.

We can meet in person or on the phone -- a recommended life coaching schedule would consist of a one-hour session each week for a minimum of six weeks. You will be coached through various situations and areas of your life; you will also be required to complete homework assignments. In the end, you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

Get stronger, calmer and more flexible at Transform NOLA, a yoga and functional movement studio located at 8509 Oak Street in uptown New Orleans. Private or group sessions are offered at the studio or in the privacy or your home or place of business. Also available for movement, stress management and motivational activities at company retreats and conventions. Request a free initial consultation for private sessions or life coaching by clicking here. To learn how you can benefit from Transform NOLA's services, please call 985-640-2648, email or fill out the online inquiry form.

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