Corporate Wellness

A physically and mentally healthy workplace means increased productivity -- period. It's estimated that the economic impact of low back pain alone costs the United States over $100 billion each year. Throw in the staggering costs of the obesity epidemic per year -- $190 billion in added medical costs (nearly 21% of total U.S. health care costs), $164 billion in lost productivity, and $6.4 billion in employee absenteeism. Yes, these costs are all in billions with a "B." It makes sense for the bottom line for companies to be pro-active and support employees' health and nutrition efforts. Transform NOLA can help your employees with classes and seminars on subjects such as stress-relief, meditation, mind-body methods, yoga, and fitness programs.
  • Yoga boosts your brain power: participants performed significantly better on mental tests after a yoga session.
  • Yoga's effects on irregular heart beat and mental health: participants had significant decreases in heart rate and blood pressure, and reported less anxiety and depression; in another study, yoga appears to relieve mild depression, sleep disorders, and, among patients using medication, ADHD and schizophrenia.
  • 6 benefits of meditation; 1. improves productivity; 2. improves teenagers' moods; 3. lowers sensitivity to pain; 4. relieves depression; 5. helps women cope with menopausal symptoms; 6. reduces stress.
  • Exercise increases productivity: A regular exercise routine can make people smarter, happier and more energetic.
Transform NOLA is also available for classes and presentations at conventions, corporate retreats and special events. Contact us today for a free consultation about your workplace and convention needs.
Get stronger, calmer and more flexible at Transform NOLA, a yoga and functional movement studio located at 8509 Oak Street in uptown New Orleans. Private or group sessions are offered at the studio or in the privacy or your home or place of business. Also available for movement, stress management and motivational activities at company retreats and conventions. Request a free initial consultation for private sessions or life coaching by clicking here. To learn how you can benefit from Transform NOLA's services, please call 985-640-2648, email or fill out the online inquiry form.

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