Your Shoulder Is Not Your Arm

Posted August 30, 2017
As a movement instructor, I notice movement. I notice how you move. That helps me craft a class that will help you to move better. 
That's the goal. Moving better. 
You aren't going to move better if you're in pain. You might not feel like moving at all if something hurts. 
One complaint I get A LOT is shoulder pain.
So here's what you need to know – stuff can wear out. Cars, clothes, shoes, shoulders. Stuff can wear out. 
I believe your structures were meant to last your lifetime. I also believe you can void the 'warranty' by misuse. 
You know you're supposed to change the oil in your car to maintain the 'warranty'. Most people don't know they are responsible for their structures as well. 
You are. 
Your arms are meant to move from your back, not your shoulder joint! 
That's a lot more difficult. And also, the body is a big cheater and it's always looking for ways to make things to easier. 
Easier is not stronger. 
Strong is the new young. 
Think about it. You can have all the plastic surgery – but you won't look younger in pain, with a cane, with torn rotator cuffs. You get my point. 
Think about your shoulder blades as horseshoes that are twins. Practice visualizing them puling together and DOWN. 
No more short necks!
Visualize suspenders crossing in the back and holding your shoulders in place. Stabilized. Aligned. 
Working your arms correctly will tone those hard to reach triceps and upper back areas! Not to mention preserving those overworked shoulders!
Interested in learning more? We have a class for that!

– Candy Kinsey. TRX Rx instructor; Developmental Problem Solver.


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